Martin Marietta

  • Manufacturing
4949 N. Loop 1604 W.
Suite 135
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 208-4088
  • About

    Our Mission

    Our mission statement explains our company's reason for existence. It describes who we are and what we do. It supports our vision and communicates our purpose and direction to all of our stakeholders.

    As a leading provider of natural resource-based building materials, Martin Marietta provides the foundation upon which our communities improve and grow.

    Our Vision

    Our vision statement describes our company as it would appear in a future state. It drives our company's decisions and goals and challenges and inspires our employees.

    Our goal is to build a world-class organization committed to the long-term success of our employees, communities and other stakeholders.

    Our Values

    Our values describe our beliefs and behaviors. They guide our decision-making and establish standards upon which we can assess our actions. They create a moral compass in our business dealings for both the company and its employees. They support the vision.
    SAFETY -- We are uncompromising in our commitment to the safety and health of our people and the community.
    INTEGRITY -- We will do the right thing by adhering to our core values and ethical business principles.
    EXCELLENCE -- We are committed to being a role model through responsible innovation and continuous improvement.
    COMMUNITY -- Our strength and success is derived from our people and the relationships they build within our neighborhoods and cities.
    STEWARDSHIP -- Our responsibility is to make the world better today and for future generations.